Binghamton University

Binghamton University’s Innovative Technologies Complex featuring flexible and adaptable solutions in 4 quadrants on two floors.

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Cornell University

Flexible table systems, mobile casework and a fume hood intensive environment.

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SUNY Plattsburgh

Teaching and research laboratory space with premium plastic laminate casework and high performance low flow fume hoods.

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Portsmouth Regional Hospital

Featuring casework and architectural millwork in a healthcare setting.

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St. Vincent College

Featuring premium oak casework and teaching / observation fume hoods.

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UMASS Amherst

State-of-the-art science laboratory building featuring sustainable solutions. Bamboo casework and high performance low flow fume hoods headline this installation.

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Westinghouse Electric Company corporate headquarters in Cranberry Township, PA.

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CiF Lab Solutions announces launch of a total CiF branded solution.


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Ontario, Canada (April 15th, 2013) CIF Lab Solutions L.P. is pleased to announce the launch of a total CiF branded solution 


Having recognized a demand from customers to work with quality organizations that deliver value, a commitment to schedules and complete projects; we are pleased to introduce The CiF “Total Branded Solution”.  Unburdened by convention and an existing line of products, we went back to the drawing board to introduce new and innovative solutions. 


CiF - Always True to Your Vision.


The CIF Lab Solutions product line now includes:



More than a strategic alliance between companies, the common ownership of CiF Lab Solutions, Case System/BOSTONtec and Northeast Interior Systems bring a total and complete product and service solution to the market place.  By combining the strengths of each organization, CiF has developed truly unique products for the laboratory furniture industry.  Our “Executive Product Committee” brings together key members from each organization to direct our efforts at promoting a seamless product offering through…