Bridgestone Americas Research, OH

Project Overview

Location: Akron, OH
  • Project Size: 260,000 sq. ft.
  • NEIS Contract: $815,000
  • Erlab Green Fume Hoods
  • Premium Casework and Tables
  • Epoxy Countertops
Project Delivery Team:
  • Architect: Harris Day Architects
  • General Contractor: The Ruhlin Company

Project Summary

The 260,000 sq. ft. Bridgestone Americas’ new research facility includes eleven Green Fume Hoods that feature Erlab’s Neutrodine Molecular Filtration technology. This creates a filtered fume hood environment that is compatible with virtually any solvent, acid and base. The result is a non-ducted fume hood installation that allows a project to enjoy a return on investment by virtually eliminating the HVAC package. Additionally, the ongoing operating costs are greatly reduced by eliminating the exhaust of the make-up air.